T5500 X-treme Case

T5500 X-treme Case
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T5500ylw.jpg T5500 X-treme CaseT5500blk.jpg T5500 X-treme Case

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X-treme Protection:

§ Waterproof, crushproof and they float!

§ X-treme Weather & Climate Proof.

§ All X-treme Cases guaranteed to protect valuables to water depths of 100 feet.

§ Made in the USA.

§ Comes with Pick & Pluck Foam*

§ Includes Locking Option.

§ All cases constructed with high impact ABS.

§ Stainless steel hinge pins to prevent rust.

§ Lifetime Guarantee!

§ Dare to compare to Pelican, Otter Box, and other hard cases!

All cases conform to:

MIL-STD-810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test
SAE J575-Dust Resistant Test

*Pick and Pluck Foam is a block of foam that has been pre-scored so all you have to do is "pick" the indvidual foam squares and "pluck" out of the larger block of foam in whatever shape you choose so that the foam left behind softly cradles your valuables.

  • Internal Size:
    • Length: 9.37in
    • Width: 7.24in
    • Depth: 6.08in
  • External Size:
    • Length: 10.19in
    • Width: 8.55in
    • Depth: 6.80in

Price: $52.95


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