T4000 X-treme Case

T4000 X-treme Case
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T4000.jpg T4000 X-treme Case

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X-treme Protection:

§ Waterproof, crushproof and they float!

§ X-treme Weather & Climate Proof.

§ All X-treme Cases guaranteed to protect valuables to water depths of 100 feet.

§ Made in the USA.

§ Includes 2A Volara Foam Lining.*

§ All cases made of high impact ABS.

§ Stainless steel hinge pins to prevent rust.

§ Lifetime Guarantee!
§ Dare to compare to Pelican, Otter Box, and other hard cases!

All cases conform to:

MIL-STD-810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test
SAE J575-Dust Resistant Test


  • Internal Size:
    • Length: 3.31in
    • Width: 5.42in
    • Depth: 2.52in
  • External Size:
    • Length: 3.74in
    • Width: 5.89in
    • Depth: 3.16in

Price: $15.95


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